The Worst Of 2011: Plastic Moving Boxes


The moving business in Vancouver is beset with all manner of disingenuousness. Little however comes close to the merde de taureau perpetrated by companies promoting plastic moving boxes. Billed as an environmentally user-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes, these round trip totes are nothing more than greenwash writ large. I’ve written extensively about this scourge before, so for brevity I will articulate in point form.

(1) The refrain is generally the same for all companies promoting plastic moving boxes; they are “environmentally friendly”, but is this true? At first glance the idea of taking recyclable plastic and creating multiple use boxes …
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Plastic Moving Boxes Will Kill You (and ruin your floors too)!!!

How much does a plastic moving box full of books weigh?


Answer: Over 90 pounds!

How much does a proper book box weigh when filled?

Answer: 36 pounds


At 2.5 times heavier than a proper book box, plastic moving crates are entirely inappropriate for moving books or any other heavy household items. Now I know what you are thinking; Nobody fills a large crate with books or cans or other heavy items? You better believe they do! We see it all the time and this is why proper moving boxes come in different sizes, to accommodate a range of household …
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Plastic Moving Boxes In Vancouver? Just Say No!

Movers Vancouver -

What is the difference between plastic moving boxes and two minute noodles? Everyone knows two minute noodles are rubbish.

Recently there has been an onset of companies promoting the use of plastic moving boxes as environmentally friendly and convenient, but are plastic tubs a preferable option to cardboard boxes? I would argue no, as they are neither eco nor mover friendly.

Hard plastic tubs (PVC) are manufactured from petrochemicals; oil. The same substance recently described as having caused a human, economic and environmental catastrophe. If this is not enough food for thought consider these facts.

A common size for …
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