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Moving Tips

Be sure to read all ten tips to help make your move happy and hassle-free!

  • 1
    The Right Boxes
    The key to an efficient move is preparation. The 4 cubic foot box is ideal for general household items. Use the 2 cubic foot for books.
  • 2
    Reuse Boxes
    Use the boxes on your next move. Once the box is closed, write on the tape. This allows reuse without confusion.
  • 3
    The Right Tape
    Masking tape, duct tape and painters’ tape are poor choices for boxes. Use a proper packing tape.
  • 4
    Electrical Cords
    Wrap up cords on all electrical items. They will be safer in transit.
  • 5
    Clothes in dressers (ie. tall boys) can often stay in place. Ask us first.
  • 6
    Glass Bottles
    Liquids in small glass bottles, ie. soy sauce and fish sauce, should be packed in Ziploc bags or discarded. These fragile bottles can leak or break in transit.
  • 7
    Kitchen Plates
    Pack your kitchen plates like records, on a bed of crumpled paper.
  • 8
    Some Assembly Required
    If an item was assembled in your home, it may need to be disassembled in order to be transported. Remember to consider the new location too. If in doubt, take it apart.
  • 9
    Do you live in an area where parking the truck will be difficult? The City of Vancouver will, for a fee, block off space on your street. Contact us for details.
  • 10
    Hidden Places
    Before your movers arrive, check beneath your bed. It is often surprising what we find.
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Call us today at (604) 727-0521 or Toll Free: 1 866 CITYMOVE

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